Clinic Policies



1. As of August 2019, West Hill has changed to a Family Health Organization as part of an Ontario government initiative to improve health care delivery, efficiency and reduce visits to walk-in clinics.

2. What is an FHO? : An FHO are a group of doctors who provide complete primary health care services for their patients with a focus on illness prevention. FHOs provide care during regular and extended office hours. Patients also have access to a nurse-staffed Telephone Health Advisory Service. (See After Hours Care)

3. Patient roster: When you enroll with an FHO physician, you become part of that doctor’s patient roster.  The new FHO payment system is mainly salary based, replacing the previous fee per service/visit system.

4. Patient-Physician commitment:  In the FHO model, patients on the roster are under the care of their physician and FHO clinic during regular and after hours. The patient agrees to see only his/her physician or another available physician at the West Hill Medical Centre unless it’s an emergency.

5. After-hour services: The Ministry of Health requires that the FHO clinic is open on some days after regular hours of operation and weekends.  West Hill Medical is committed to doing more than this requirement. West Hill Medical Centre clinic hours are (excluding statutory holidays):

    • Monday – Thursday 8:30 AM – 8 PM
    • Friday 8:30 AM – 6 PM
    • Saturday 8:30 AM – 4 PM
    • Sunday 9:30 AM – 3 PM

6. We offer walk-in appointments 7 days a week for urgent medical needs, as well as offering same-day (walk-in) appointments for all West Hill patients for their urgent medical needs.

Please note that booked appointments will have priority

over walk-ins which could increase wait times!

7. Who do you see when your physician is away? : When your physician is away for a short or extended period of time, patients of West Hill Medical Centre will be attended to by another physician of the clinic.

If you are having a medical emergency,

Please go to the nearest hospital

8. The Benefit of Enrolling as a Patient at West Hill FHO:
The following are the services provided when enrolled as a patient at West Hill Medical Centre:

    1. Complete Access and Comprehensive Preventive Care: We offer same-day appointments. When same-day appointments are not available and urgent care is needed, the walk-in service is available to all West Hill Medical Patients with one of our available FHO physicians who has access to the same medical records as your regular family physician.
    2. Online Booking: You can schedule an appointment with your doctor by booking online on our website or by calling the clinic.
    3. Email and Text Reminders for your appointments: To be of further assistance, we will soon implement email or text reminders about your scheduled appointment.
      If you would like this service, please provide your email address and cell phone number to the clinic at your next visit.
    4. Save a clinic visit and your time: Simple problems or requests can be handled over the phone or through the office staff saving the patient time by avoiding unnecessary office visits. This time management step allows the doctor to complete important tasks such as:
      • advocating for you to get the tests or services you need
      • make appropriate referrals on your behalf
      • complete necessary forms and letters
      • (ex: massage notes, orthotics, legal documents etc.…)
      • prescription refill requests sent from your pharmacy
    5. Preventative Care reminder in your mail:
      FHO patients are part of the Ministry of Health’s Preventative Care Programmes. You will receive occasional reminders in the mail/email of due dates for your screening tests such as: Mammograms, PAPs and fecal occult blood colorectal cancer tests. We encourage every patient to be proactive in the preventative measures recommended by your healthcare provider. We at West Hill Medical are here to assist you in this process.


The Ministry of Health discourages our enrolled patients to obtain primary care services from any other family or walk-in physicians other than a hospital visit.

West Hill Medical’s extended hours 7 days a week is above the ministry’s requirements.

Seeing a physician outside of West Hill Medical Centre, will incur a penalty for your West Hill Medical physician.  Should a West Hill Medical Centre patient continue to see outside physicians, your West Hill Medical physician may ask you to find another physician.

10. Why outside walk-in clinics are not the best option for patient care: The use of outside walk-in clinics is not acceptable for several reasons:

    • A Walk-in clinic (WIC) outside of our office may have care that is convenient but is not necessarily of high quality; it is common for patients to see their physician right after a visit to the WIC clinic to ask if the care they received was adequate.
    • Walk-in clinics outside of our office do NOT send medical records of the care you received; that means your own physician must guess what went on and try to adjust your care without the benefit of accurate information.
    • A Walk-in Clinic outside of our office doesn’t have access to your medical records and history.

11. The Ministry of Health has already paid your physician and their FHO colleagues to look after your primary care medical needs. When you see a primary care provider outside of our group, the Ministry of Health must pay the walk-in clinic doctor (fee-for-service) for that visit too.  The cost of your walk-in visit becomes an additional cost to the health care system and your physician(s) will be penalized for it.

12. Honour the system: We kindly request that you honour the terms of your agreement with both West Hill Medical Centre and the Ministry of Health by contacting our office whenever you need primary healthcare.  We will do our best to ensure appropriate access to the care you need.

For all your health care needs, ALWAYS CALL THE OFFICE FIRST.  Our staff is here to assist you.  If we are not immediately available, please leave a message or book an appointment through our website or access our walk-in clinic during clinic hours so we can assess your needs in a timely manner.

13. Missed Appointments: We provide several ways to cancel your appointments (telephone, Voice Message, Online). Cancelled appointment less than 24 hours cost the clinic and other patients. The clinic’s cancellation policy:

    1. Any regular appointments cancelled less than 24-hours will have a $25 cancellation fee.
    2. Any Physical Appointment cancelled less than 24 hours will have a $50 cancellation fee.

14. Help us keep a kind, caring, professional environment: At West Hill Medical Centre we fully understand the physical and emotional suffering a patient, their family and loved ones undergo during an illness.

Our physicians and staff are trained to provide the most caring, comprehensive and professional service to our patients and their families.

In order to protect our patients and keep a kind and caring environment, we will not tolerate any rude or harsh behaviour of any patient, their family members and West Hill Medical Centre staff.